Management Team


Graeme Frater - Managing Director

Co-founder of the parent company and CEO of ACS Aviation with over 24 years experience within the industry. Graeme has developed excellent working relationships with key companies over the years and has experience working with several airlines and ATO's throughout the UK and Europe. Graeme is responsible for the day to day operation of the entire business and responsible for ensuring safety is the number one priorty.

Craig McDonald - Group Technical Director

Co-founder of the parent company, Cloud Global Group, Craig offers a wealth of knowledge with almost 20 years experience in the aviation industry. Craig's background is in aircraft maintenance, MRO management and he is also a commercial airline pilot. Craig is responsible for all technical and engineering services including business development, projects, acquisitions, leasing, training and recruitment.

Louise Ewart - Sales Director

Louise Ewart has a background in the travel services industry and airline management. Louise has managed teams of specialist consultants and overseen group sales and the teams delivery of strategic products. Louise works with the senior management at ACS and is responsible for sales and marketing. 

Philip Morritt - Head of Training

Philip Morritt has been instructing in the UK and Ireland for over 20 years. As well as teaching students undertaking the PPL, CPL MEP, IR and Flight Instructor courses he has also flown as an air taxi pilot. Philip has years of experience and has been involved in Commercial Air Operations and is also the Safety Manager. 

Jeni Malloch - Operations Manager

As Operations Manager, Jeni is responsible for running the schools ground operations. Jeni liaises with our team of flight instructors and aircraft engineers each day to discuss issues, oversee all major operational decisions and devise solutions to problems that arise. Jeni is also responsible for student welfare and course admissions.

Erin Harvey - Training Manager

Erin Harvey is our Training Manager. Erin is responsible for the onboarding and enrolment of new students and the planning / co-ordination of our flight training courses. Erin supports the flight operations department and helps to ensure we operate an efficient schedule while supporting students through their training journey from enrolment through to graduation.


Andrew MacMillen - Chief Flight Instructor - PPL

Chief Flying Instructor (PPL), Flight Instructor and CAA Flight Examiner, Ground Examiner and Aviation English Examiner. Andrew holds UK CAA, EASA, FAA and Hong Kong CAD Flight Instructor qualifications. Has instructed in the USA, Germany, Hong Kong and the UK.


David Skeldon - CFI Commercial Training

David has been flying for 18 years and instructing for the last 10. He completed his commercial training at Oxford Aviation Academy in 2009. He has held a number of instructing positions and spent the last few years flying a number of complex types for private owners. Prior to joining ACS David spent the last 11 years as an aircraft broker arranging the sale and leases of commercial aircraft on behalf of airlines, lessors and financial institutions.


Paul Cartmail - Continuing Airworthiness Manager

Paul’s Background in Engineering began 37 year ago, since that beginning he has worked as an Aircraft Engineer in the Army, with BAE Systems in UK and Saudi Arabia and also with Airbus to name just a few. He has worked on fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft including fast jets, large jets and turbo props all in a variety of countries. Since moving to Perth in 2012 has moved into GA aircraft.


Bryan Dermidy - Maintenance Manager

Bryan's background is in offshore Electrical and Hydraulics Engineering. He possess a vast and diverse wealth of expertise accumulated over extensive experience working across different positions, employers, & industries. Bryan is a B1 licenced engineer and has experience working in a variety of technical and senior management positions on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft at several MRO's throughout Europe and Africa.


Bob Malloch - Airport Manager

Bob is the Perth Airport Manager. He is key to the delivery of the Board’s commitment to operate the airport safely, efficiently, commercially and at all times in full accordance with the requirements of the CAA, DfT and other regulators and to work with all stakeholders. As Airport Manager Bob is responsible for the day to day management of the Airport’s staff and airfield operations.

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