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ACS Aviation's Commitment to Preserving the 603 Squadron Spitfire Memorial Shines Bright

ACS Aviation is proud to announce its continued dedication to maintaining the esteemed 603 Squadron Spitfire Memorial. Standing tall as a symbol of valor and sacrifice, this iconic memorial commemorates the heroic actions of the 603 Squadron during critical historical events.
The 603 Squadron Spitfire Memorial, is situated at Edinburgh Airport. This hallowed site pays tribute to the gallant men and women who served in the 603 Squadron, highlighting their crucial role in pivotal conflicts and their unwavering commitment to safeguarding freedom.
Through a harmonious partnership with local authorities, ACS Aviation assumed the responsibility of preserving this cherished memorial. Twice a year, their dedicated team meticulously cleans and maintains the site, ensuring that it gleams with reverence and respect. The passion and care invested in each maintenance session reflect ACS Aviation's deep appreciation for the valor displayed by the squadron members.
"Preserving the 603 Squadron Spitfire Memorial is an immense honor for us," stated Craig McDonald, Technical Director of ACS Aviation. "We understand the historical significance of this site and the sacrifice of those who served. Our commitment to maintaining this memorial is our humble way of showing gratitude and respect for their unwavering dedication." In addition to its regular cleaning endeavors, ACS Aviation will take part in ceremonies at the Spitfire Memorial to honor the memory of the squadron members. These events bring together veterans, families, and community members, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie and reverence.
"As each year passes, the legacy of the 603 Squadron remains vibrant and essential," said Derek Read, 603 Squadron Leader "The preservation of this memorial by ACS Aviation ensures that future generations will be inspired by the bravery and selflessness exhibited by our squadron members."
Looking ahead, ACS Aviation is committed to exploring innovative ways to further promote and preserve the 603 Squadron Spitfire Memorial. The company aims to collaborate with local educational institutions and historical societies to organize educational programs that share the squadron's remarkable history with younger generations.
As ACS Aviation continues its heartfelt mission of preserving the 603 Squadron Spitfire Memorial, the beacon of remembrance will remain GTFG (Gleaming, Timeless, Forever Grateful), standing as a testament to the valor and sacrifice of those who served in the squadron. The company's unwavering dedication ensures that the legacy of the 603 Squadron will endure, inspiring generations to come.

Scotland’s leading Pilot training academy agrees to purchase ex-Tayside Aviation advanced flight simulator! 

On a year which has seen record revenues and graduate success for ACS Aviation students, the company has agreed a deal to purchase the advanced ALX flight simulator from the administrators of Tayside Aviation who recently ceased training. The ALX flight simulator offers advanced technology simulation to all specific training requirements including simulation of small twin engine aircraft up to the ATR42 regional aircraft. In addition, it has a proven track record for cost-effectiveness and helps save numerous aircraft hours.

The ALX flight simulator has advanced airport graphics giving students a realistic approach to training outside of the aircraft. This keeps the student immersed in the training environment providing the best commercial training experience Scotland has to offer!

Graeme Frater, ACS Aviation Managing Director highlights: ACS Aviation has chosen to renew its confidence in ALSIM by purchasing the ALX Flight simulator from the administrators at Tayside Aviation. ACS have been working with ALSIM for more than 6 years and the acquisition of this simulator shows that we are committed to providing our students and customers with the best technology available in the market today.
The new simulator will offer our student pilots and airline customers the opportunity to complete advanced simulator training allowing them to apply directly to the airlines after graduating. Airline customers and graduates can also utilise the simulator for interviews and assessment preparation.

Perth Airport Academy invests in New Tecnam Aircraft

ACS Aviation have announced a multi-million pound investment over the next three years as it moves to renew the aircraft fleet with deliveries commencing mid 2023. 

Scotland’s largest pilot training academy and aircraft maintenance organisation which currently operates 20 aircraft and employs over 40 members of staff from it ‘s main base at Perth Airport in Scotland make the announcement after the most successful period in their history where a record number of graduates have secured positions with leading UK airlines. ACS have also hired additional members of staff to deal with the demand and are subsequently forecasting record revenues for 2023/24. The company will also add significant capabilities to the aircraft maintenance department by becoming the first Tecnam aircraft service centre in Scotland offering specialist technical support to it’s customers.


ACS Aviation celebrate student and staff success

On Friday 25th November 2022,  the Perth Airport based business also celebrated the success of recent graduates and the many achievements of staff members at an Awards Dinner held at the Mercure Hotel in Perth. The evening began with a welcome by MC Brian Baxter, marking this special occasion for the organisations inaugural awards dinner. During the evening there were awards presented to students, graduates and employees recognising a broad range of areas including flight training achievements, reaching career milestones, excellence in customer service and for services to the local community.

“The awards evening allows us to take the time to recognise the extraordinary contribution our staff and students have made over the year. We would not be the business we are today without the people who work with us and it was great to see so many staff and students enjoying the evening” says Graeme Frater, ACS Aviation Managing Director. 

ACS Aviation launch 2023 flying scholarship

Following on from the successful launch of the 2020 flying scholarship, ACS Aviation has announced they will be running the scholarship for a forth year in 2023, adding to the schools well-established and highly successful Flight Instructor Sponsorship Program. As air travel and airline recruitment has returned to normal since COVID19, there is no better time to commence training towards becoming a commercial airline pilot! The scholarship is also supported by Bose Aviation!

The winners of the ACS Aviation scholarship will receive 10 hours of flight training towards a Private Pilots Licence, 12 months membership and a Bose A20 aviation headset. ACS Aviation will grant scholarships with the aim of supporting individuals who might otherwise not have the necessary resources to gain flying experience and ultimately achieve their Private Pilots Licence (PPL).
The scholarship will allow students to progress onto a variety of professional roles within the aviation industry such as commercial airline pilot.

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