Five Reasons to Buy a Bose Aviation A20 Headset

Buy a Bose A20 Headset

Bose A20 Headset Review

Reason 1: The Bose A20 noise cancelling is amazing!

I did 100hours in a noisy Piper PA28-161 Warrior, not realising that to start the noise cancelling, I had actually to turn the headset on! With A20 headset with noise-cancelling off, I had no issues. Subsequently, I have found pilots who prefer to fly with the noise cancelling off because they like to have noise feedback, e.g. engine noise, stall warner etc. With the noise cancelling on the A20, it can feel like flying around in a vacuum. It took me a bit of time to get used to this. When I started flying the B737, I actually did my first few flights with the noise cancelling off as I wanted to hear the engines’ tone etc. Now, I happily spend 12 hour days with the headset on without any problems. So good is the A20 noise-cancelling people complain it is too effective!

Reason 2: Comfort – You can use the Bose A20 headset for 12 hour days in pretty good comfort.

I used to have a David Clark H10 headset. The David Clark H10s was brilliant during PPL where I was strictly speaking, not doing that much flying. I used to find the David Clark headset used to clamp down on my head and become annoying after an hour or two. I get no such problems with my A20 headset. The Bose A20 headset doesn’t apply as much pressure onto your head. The memory foam Bose A20 ear cushions also stop your ears getting hot! Anything you have to wear on your head will become annoying after 12 hours, but with the A20, the irritation is much less.

Reason 3: Having a high-quality headset will improve your ATC radio work and interactions

Although not specific to the Bose A20 headset, having a high-quality headset will improve your ATC communications. I had not realised how much having a good headset was a game-changer until I joined my airline. One of the most annoying issues I have come across is when a fellow flight deck crew member has a mediocre headset, and you spend all day having to mess about with the volume on the intercom because their audio is not clear. The same applies to ATC. The better your headset is, the easier it is to hear and respond appropriately to commands. Don’t underestimate how critical this is!

Reason 4: The Bose A20 build is solid

I have had my Bose A20 for three years, and the build is completely solid. I have lost count of the number of times I have dropped my headset onto the flight deck floor and it has been completely fine afterwards. I won’t lie, my headset is starting to show signs that is has been ‘well used’. For example, I could do with some new ear pads. The mic boom arm could probably do with tightening a little to give it some rigidity. Not a big deal – just me being lazy! The modular nature of the A20 means most of the main components can be replaced as they wear. For example, if you need a new mic, it is simply 2 screws that would need to be undone.
Bose A20

Reason 5: The cost. Yes, the upfront cost is high, but you save over the life of the headset.

I agree that the upfront cost of the Bose A20 headset is high. I am convinced though that the excellent build quality would save you money over the headset’s full life. A quick search of Bose A20 on eBay also gave a pleasant surprise. The resale value of A20 headsets is quite high. I found most buy it now options to be within 15-20% of a new headset’s sales price, which shows how desirable the product is second hand.

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