Covid-19 Update

Latest Business Update due to COVID-19

21st March 2021 Update

We are now able to accept bookings for all flying activities, can all members please contact operations to arrange booking slots and trial lesson and introductory flight customers can request bookings from 26th April 2021 onwards, click here to book. If you have any questions please call 01738 550 003.

3rd February 2021 Update

Due to the current restrictions that remain in place within Scotland, we are still not able to resume any of the following;

  • Flight training for private pilots (i.e. training for leisure purposes)
  • Aircraft Self-hire for leisure
  • Trial Flying Lessons

Flight training towards a professional pilots licence is continuing, and students undertaking such activity may continue to attend for this purpose. The business remains open 7 days per week, all gift vouchers and flying lessons will be automatically extended free of charge. If you have any questions please call 01738 550 003.

4th January 2021 Update

In light of the recent changes in guidance we have thoroughly reviewed our operating procedures and COVID-19 Risk Assessment which results in Flight Training remaining closed until Monday 11th January 2021; this is to allow us adequate time to ensure that all the resources are in place for a safe operation. When we re-open, the following types of flying activity will not be permitted at this stage;

  • Flight training for private pilots (i.e. training for leisure purposes)
  • Aircraft Self-hire for leisure
  • Trial Flying Lessons

The above activity is not permitted as it is not considered a reasonable excuse for leaving home. Flight training towards a professional pilots licence may continue, and students undertaking such activity may continue to attend for this purpose.

21st December 2020 Update

The business will take an extended break over the festive period with a closure from 24th December 2020 to 4th January 2021 inclusive. Flight training will resume on Tuesday 5th January 2021.

17th November 2020 Update

Following the recent announcement from the First Minister detailing that areas of the country will be entering tier 4, we confirm that the flying school will remain open with the following additional restrictions in place;

  • Face coverings must be worn when moving around within the building.
  • We must follow all the guidance and maintain social distancing where possible.
  • Everybody must continue to check their health prior to entering the building.
  • Hourbuilding and self-hire members are not permitted to take passengers from other households and passengers are not permitted within the building.
We will continue to keep you updated on any further changes.

30th October 2020 Update

As per the latest government guidance ACS Flight Training remains open. The local amenities are also open including the Skylodge Perth Hotel and Touchdown Cafe. Anyone wishing to visit the facility must make an appointment using our online form and complete a COVID-19 health declaration in advance.

1st September 2020 Update

ACS Flight Training remain fully open for all flight training. There are several new procedures in place to keep all staff and customers safe during this time. Anyone wishing to visit the facility must make an appointment using our online form and complete a COVID-19 health declaration in advance.

21st July 2020 Update

We are now fully open and enrolling new members for flight training. Flight experience vouchers and trial lessons are now being booked for slots commencing 17th August 2020 onwards.

8th July 2020 Update

We will now be inviting all members and students to recommence full flying activities next week 13th July 2020.

26th June 2020 Update

We will shortly be entering a phased return to flight training. If you are a commercial student, we will shortly be inviting you in for training, we will not be training recreational pilots or accepting trial lesson bookings at this time. Further updates will follow in line with government guidance.

18th June 2020 Update

We will be confirming a restart to flight training date within the coming weeks. Please note that it will be a phased return to flight training and our team will be in contact to share more information with you when available.

11th June 2020 Update

Just to let you know that we are still awaiting further easing of the lockdown restrictions prior to being able to restart flight training. We remain in regular communications with the DfT, CAA and the Scottish Government. Once we have a confirmed date for restarting flight training, we will let you know. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

23rd May 2020 Update

We have collacted a list of frequently asked questions that we have received during this period, we hope you find them useful;

  1. When are you going to restart flying? We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are ready to open immediately once restrictions are relaxed by the Scottish Government. We have had weekly communications with the CAA and Scottish Government in preparation for reopening.
  2. Will I need to wear a face mask or gloves? Face masks and gloves are available, and we are closely monitoring Scottish Government guideline however face coverings will not be recommended on the flight deck when engines are running.
  3. Will I be able to continue my hourbuilding? Yes we will aim to prioritise currency flights for those hourbuilding when we are permitted to start dual training. You will not be able to carry passengers in the initial phases of restarting operations. However, we are closely monitoring government guidelines and we will advise when this changes.
  4. Do I need to clean the aircraft? Yes you are required to clean the aircraft before and after use using specialist aircraft COVID-19 disinfection spray.
  5. Can I change my course start date? Yes we are flexible during this period and will do our best to accommodate any requests.
  6. Will there be changes to the standard slot times? Yes slots will be extended and will vary during this period to accommodate additional procedures and to minimise social contact where possible.
  7. Is the Skylodge hotel open? No the Skylodge Hotel will remain closed until August based on Scottish Government guidelines.
  8. Is the airport cafe open? Not at this stage. Please follow the touchdown cafe on Facebook for the latest updates.
  9. Do I need to complete the self-declaration questionnaire before visiting? Yes this must be completed within the preceding 24hrs of your visit to our facility and updated if any of your circumstances change.
  10. Will there be temperature checks? We reserve the right to carry out body temperature checks using a contactless thermometer on foreheads
  11. Will I still be allowed to backseat my training partner on commercial training? Due to Scottish government guidelines this will be restricted. However, we will continue to monitor these and advise when permitted.
  12. Can I stay on the premises between lessons? No, we recommend minimising your exposure to others by not waiting in the facility between lessons unless it is essential for planning.
  13. I am worried about the risk of contracting coronavirus; can I delay my training? Yes you have the option to delay training and we will do our best to accommodate any requests.
  14. Will you contact me with a restart date? Yes you will be regularly updated with re-opening plans. Please get in contact if you have any specific questions.
  15. Will there be headsets available? We recommend using your own personal headset if available, however communal headsets continue to be available and will be regularly cleaned and microphone socks replaced after each lesson.
  16. Is there a charge for masks and gloves? No these are included free of charge for all members.
  17. When is the next PPL Ground School course? There are currently no future planned PPL Ground School courses for the remainder of the year. We are looking at distance learning options for this and will keep all students updated.
  18. Will the Perth Airport Fly-in be going ahead this year? At this stage the event has been postponed indefinitely.
  19. What is the outlook for the aviation industry? The reality of finding a job flying an aircraft in the coming 12 months is going to be challenging, especially with competition of experienced pilots on the market. The aviation industry is forecast to recover and there are lots of options to improve your chances of obtaining that dream job when the time is right.
  20. Will you be offering support for students that graduate this year and next year? For students that have started their pilot training recently or are planning to start this year, the job market and recruitment needs of airlines is expected to have increased by the time you graduate. The challenge for students that have recently graduated, or who are graduating soon, will be to maintain their skills and knowledge until recruitment picks up again. We will be offering training support packages for active members completing the ME/IR in 2020 & 2021 with the first Instrument Rating renewal free of charge. This will be conducted in the AL42 FNPTII simulator (CAA examiner fee applies).
  21. Have the CAA made any exemptions during this period? Yes there are a number of changes and exemptions which our team will guide you on. These include exam validity periods and extensions of Medicals etc.
  22. Will I have the same flight instructor? Due to the course disruption and changes in some instructors’ personal circumstances you may be reallocated an alternative instructor to complete your course.
Please contact us if you have any further questions.

17th May 2020 Update

11th May 2020 Update

We are aiming to restart flight training operations in early June 2020 subject to Government and CAA guidance, here are some points to consider;

  • There will be a phased start to our operation, this means that we will not be at full capacity from day one of restarting.
  • All licence holding members will require a check flight with an instructor.
  • Everyone will be required to complete an online COVID-19 screening questionnaire prior to arriving at Perth Airport.
  • There will be control measures in place within the facility.
  • There will be changes to our standard operating procedures designed to keep us all safe.
  • Lessons slot times will be non-standard and extended to accommodate new procedures.
  • You may be required to wear gloves or a mask whilst on the premises.

Our operations team remain contactable if you have any questions or feel that we can help in anyway during this period of downtime.

27th April 2020 Update

When will we restart operations? We are closely monitoring the government guidelines and expecting more information shortly, however we are optimistic that we will be able to resume flight training in late May.

Once you re-open will there be any changes in procedures? We will introduce new measures to protect customers and staff, including limiting the number of students and members within our facility. There will be other measures in place to ensure we maintain a safe distance from each other when possible, we will also be encouraging card payments along with a new cleaning regime of aircraft and equipment.

13th April 2020 Update

We are still working away in the background and preparing for the restart of our operation. Our engineering team are ensuring that the fleet are safe and ready to fly when the current restrictions are relaxed, our operations team are contactable if you have any questions or feel that we can help in anyway during this period of downtime. We will keep you advised of any further developments.

27th March 2020 Update

Just a short update to let you know that we are working away in the background to ensure that when the restrictions are lifted, we will be ready to re-commence a full operation;

  • Our Operations team are available by email to answer any questions.
  • Our Flights Ops team are working on future training schedules.
  • Our Maintenance team are keeping the fleet safe and ready to fly.
  • Our Admin team are keeping the wheels rolling as always.
  • Our Management team are co-ordinating all of the above.

23rd March 2020 Update

Due to the latest Government restrictions; ACS Flight Training will temporarily suspend all services with immediate effect. We will advise when we can re-commence operations. We will keep you advised with the latest developments as we receive them. Thank you for your continued support.

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