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When you train with ACS Flight Training you’re not only learning to fly, we’re training you to become a commercial airline pilot. Thanks to our dedicated team of staff and our experience in the industry our graduates are now employed with global airlines in the UK and Europe!


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When can I start the Fast Track Course?

Fast Track ATPL Course Structure

If you’re looking for a career as a commercial airline pilot, our Fast Track modular training approach allows you to go from zero experience to Airline Transport Pilots Licence in 18 months.  These modular courses will provide the student with a ‘frozen’ Airline Transport Pilot Licence (fATPL). The Licence will remain ‘frozen’ until 1,500 hours of Total Time and 500 hours of multi-crew time has been achieved.

Module 1 – Private Pilots Licence
45 Hours
Cessna C152
Module 2 – Night Rating
5 Hours
Cessna C152
Module 3 – Hour Building
110 Hours
Cessna C152
Module 4 – ATPL Ground School
7 Months Residential
14 Theory subjects
Module 5 – Multi-Engine Piston Rating
6 Hours
DA42 Twinstar
Module 6 – M/E Instrument Rating
40 Hours Alsim
18 Hours DA42 Twinstar
Module 7 – Commercial Licence
15 Hours
Multi Crew MCC / JOC Course
B737-800NG Simulator 
10 days 

Whats included

This price is based on the student completing each module in the minimum required course hours and includes the following:

- Pre-Entry Assessment
- Annual Membership
- Student Uniform
- Bose A20 Aviation Headset
- PPL Study Equipment
- One to One PPL Ground School Tuition
- DA42 Computer Based Training (CBT)
- Insurance excess waiver
- Approach and Landing fees
- Payment Plan 
- VAT Included

Terms and conditions apply.


Approach Fees


Bose A20 Headset


Study Kit



Payment Structure

Enrolment fee

Non Refundable

First Instalment

Due on start date

Second Instalment

Due after 4 weeks

Balance Payments

16 monthly payments

Course Timeline

Module 1 - Private Pilots Licence

Cessna C152 - 12 weeks

Module 2 - Night Rating

Cessna C152 - 1 week 

Structured Hour Building

Cessna C152 - 6-9 months

ATPL Ground School

Residential Ground School - 7 Months 

Module 5 - Multi Engine Piston

Diamond DA42 - 2 weeks

Module 6 - Multi Engine Instrument Rating

Diamond DA42 / Alsim AL42 - 10 weeks 

Module 7 - Commercial Pilots Licence

Piper PA28R - 3 weeks 

Entry requirements

The minimum age for enrolment is 18. 

A Class 2 medical certificate is required before commencing module one and a Class 1 medical certificate is required for the Instrument Rating and CPL modules.

In order to enrol, we ask that candidates conduct a Pre-Entry Assessment. A copy of your CV is required by our enrollment team prior to the assessment date. This assessment is designed to assess the likelihood and suitability of the candidate to complete their intended training plan and additionally, suitability for the role of an airline pilot. 

What our Graduates say

“I believe that nowadays it is of extreme importance that pilots are trained in aircraft fitted with glass cockpit displays, i.e. the Garmin G1000 system installed in ACS fleet of Twinstars. The technology behind it and the presentation of information is almost identical to what you would find in a commercial airliner. I had never flown an aircraft this technologically advanced before, so I thoroughly enjoyed flying ACS DA42s!” 


A lot of reviews you will read on flight school websites can almost seem the same as I am sure you will have read many by this point. However I can give my full personal endorsement to what Graeme and his team have built at ACS. I completed my hour building, MEP, ME/IR and CPL with ACS all in minimum hours and with first time passes.  This was mainly down to the dedication and depth of knowledge of the instructors and staff.  It’s not only a school which will do anything they can to make sure you are looked after from start to finish but one which will go the extra mile to ensure their students have the best possible environment to learn in. No need to read any other flight school websites you’ve found where you need to complete training already, I hope you have as good a time as I did.
Completed my hour building, MEIR and CPL with ACS Aviation at Perth, Scotland throughout 2018. From start to finish the Directors, Head of Training and instructors were extremely friendly and approachable. The instruction I received throughout my MEIR and CPL was second to none and put me In a great position to start my professional flying career. Whether it’s hour building up the Scottish west coast visiting Broadford on the Isle of Skye & Plockton in Lochalsh, flying in turbulent Scottish weather under the hood in the DA42, or planning and flying routes through challenging weather and mountainous terrain on the CPL, flying with ACS from Perth really does set you up well and I’d recommend them to all.

I have recently completed training at ACS for a Multi Engine Instrument Rating and Commercial Pilot License. The quality of training was second to none and my instructors were outstanding, with decades of experience. There has been a great deal of investment in the school in recent times with the addition of a modern Diamond DA42 aircraft and state of the art Alsim42 flight simulator with g1000 ‘glass cockpit’. This, together with an efficient operations department, fantastic training environment and friendly atmosphere make ACS and excellent choice and I’m extremely glad I chose them for my commercial flight training.

The best aviation headset on the market. I have used the Bose A20 noise cancelling headset since commencing my training at ACS Flight Training. The headset has been one of the best investments I have ever made and today, still use this at work as a commercial airline pilot. The A20 is better by far than any other headset that I have owned or tried. The range of adjustment is excellent and the comfort level is superb. Unsurprisingly, the audio quality and noise attenuation is also exceptional. -- Capt Robbie Cockburn -- Former ACS student and Airline Pilot

When can I start the Fast Track Course?

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